6 Best Journals For Anxiety

Have you ever gotten butterflies in your stomach before a big game? Felt your heart racing as your sweaty palms struggled to grip the pencil during an important test? Been on-edge for no apparent reason?

You're not alone. These are the symptoms of anxiety and are completely normal (and even beneficial).

But, if you're one of the 40-million adults who chronically suffer from excessive worry, you'll understand that having an anxiety disorder is no joke. The worrying not only can bleed into other aspects of your life, but your elevated stress levels can lead to fatigue, stroke, or even heart disease.

While there is no actual cure for anxiety as it's different for each individual, there is an activity that has been proven to help: journaling. So, how can merely writing stuff down make you feel less anxious? Well, you'll have to read on. On top of that, we've reviewed six of the best journals for anxiety so that you can decide which one is best for you. 

What Is The Difference Between Fear and Anxiety?

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Fear and anxiety are often lumped into the same category but have different effects on your brain. Fear is the body's response to an imminent danger; once that danger is no longer close, your fear subsides. On the other hand, anxiety is when you perceive an impending or invisible threat, whether warranted or not. The feeling of dread can continue even if the danger does not exist.

Let's look at a quick example.

If you are walking with your bros on a hiking path, and a snake slithers out in front of you, you'll probably freeze or run away screaming. You're heart drops, and your body kicks into fight-or-flight mode. When the harmless snake slithers away, you regain your composure and feel back to normal. This is fear.

Now, imagine you are on the same hiking path the following weekend with your new Tinder match. You may be constantly worried that the snake may pop out of the grass again (plus your date may hear you scream like a little girl). This is anxiety. 

Yet, anxiety does not need to arise from past experiences or external factors at all. It can originate from right inside your own brain.

How Does Journaling Help Against Anxiety?

As previously mentioned, your brain unjustly elevating your threat level to red is a sign of anxiety. This is mainly due to the toxic relationship between your logical brain and your emotional brain.

Your logical brain is thinking, "don't worry, due, everything is gonna be alright."

Meanwhile, your emotional brain is sending out false alarms saying, "if we don't do something right now, we will die, and I didn't get the chance to clear my search history." 

Thus, the negative thought spiral begins.

As these two parts of your brain argue back and forth, your thoughts become twisted and filtered through emotional lenses, as logic often concedes. Thus, anxiety takes over and bleeds into other aspects of your life.

So, how does journaling help you deal with anxiety? Well, since most anxiety's negative aspects from a disorganization in your brain, writing down your thoughts allow you to neatly organize them.

You're able to look at them without the negative filters of your mind and re-analyze how you deal with your issues. 

Best Journal for Anxiety

Working through your problems on paper is much better than sorting them out in your busy head. If you don't know where to start, we've compiled a brief list of the top five anxiety journals for men and how they help you out.

Let That Sh*t Go: A Journal for Leaving Your Bullsh*t Behind and Creating a Happy Life

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If you have ever heard of the best-selling journal Zen as F*ck by Monica Sweeney, then you'll love this journal by the same author. It's probably the most prevalent anxiety journal on the market. While it's more of an activity book than a journal, in our opinion, Let That Sh*t Go does an excellent job of helping to relieve anxiety.

Our favorite aspect is the guide's realness. It is filled with expletive-laden rants, coy comparisons, and plenty of activities. We would like to see a bit more room to write, but hey, we're big journalers here.

Tiny Buddha's Worry Journal: A Creative Way to Let Go of Anxiety and Find Peace

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If you are having a hard time relaxing because your brain is dwelling on the what-ifs in life, then you should check out Tiny Buddha's Worry Journal. We love the creativity implemented in this journal, as it's filled with quotes, prompts, and even some inspirational art. And you know, with a well-known brand like Tiny Buddha, you are going to get some great advice.

The main sections of the Worry Journal include "Let it Go," "Make a Plan," and "Color Yourself Calm." That's right, there are fifteen adult coloring activities to soothe and refocus your brain. We loved ours, and if you try it out, I think you'll love it too.

Knock Knock I'm So Freaking Freaked Out Inner-Truth Journal

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No need to panic anymore as this anxiety journal by Knock Knock has you covered. We love the simplicity and realness of this journal.

The daily pages have a quote about anxiety on the left and a page of writing space on the right titled "Why I'm So Freaking Freaked Out Today."

There is a temperature icon indicator concerning your current stress level at the bottom, ranging from a boiling kettle to a nuclear explosion. So, if you genuinely need a place to unload your worries, concerns, and stress, then this may be the best anxiety journal for you.

Write It Down, Let It Go: A Worry Relief Journal

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Writing out your thoughts give them less power over you, and that's the main point of Write It Down, Let It Go. We love how this journal includes various activities, techniques, and tricks to keep your mind at ease throughout the day.

The layout is simple: write out your negative worries on one page, and let them go on the opposite page by turning them into positive thoughts. While it's not going to cure all of your problems, it will definitely help you deal with any excessive anxiety issues.

The Anxiety Journal

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The title says it all. The Anxiety Journal is packed with information to help you ease your stress and worry. There are general advice pages, creative activities, writing prompts, and more. The reading exercises genuinely put your anxiety into an easy-to-deal-with perspective.

Unfortunately, this journal is more of a book with a few exercises rather than a traditional journal. If you are just looking to sporadically fill out pages instead of making journaling a full habit, we suggest the Anxiety Journal.

The Bro Journal: Gratitude & Personal Development

Bro Journal Product

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Gratitude and mindfulness are essential to relieving anxiety, and that's the focus of the Bro Journal! By practicing mindfulness, you can get out of your head and give less power to your negative thought. But, the Bro Journal takes it a step further.

There is a section titled "Chill Out, Bro" where you are meant to write out your worries for the day in hopes that you can overcome them. Combined with the other sections focused on self-improvement, gratitude, and reflection, you'll be able to overcome your anxiety with a pen and this journal.

Final Note

There is no shame in admitting that anxiety can get the best of us. The first step to fixing any mental issue is to acknowledge that you have one. By recognizing your anxiety, you can learn to deal with it. And, there's no better way to tackle the worry and stress in your life than by keeping a journal. Remember, fellow bros: learn from the past, live in the present, and succeed in the future.

Disclosure: We stand by the authenticity of our reviews, but as a member of Amazon Affiliates, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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  • I purchased the Bro Journal, and let me start by saying it’s fantastic. This is by far the best and most effective tool I have come across. This product is just what it claims to be. The exercises are different each morning, the content is well laid out and funny. I’m not even half way through the journal yet, but it’s already grabbed ahold of me so fast I can’t wait to begin my morning with it. I hope the company produces more and more of these with new activities and new content. I will continue to buy! Thank you guys!

    Chad Lynch

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