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The Bro Journal is the beautiful lovechild of innovators, co-workers, and all-round bros, Daniel Castellano and Jay Spring. The concept itself emerged from their individual journeys towards mindfulness and personal development.

After a painstaking search for useful gratitude journals online, they discovered there was no journal that fit their needs. Everything was bland and repetitive. There was no variety. No development. No enjoyment.

After many months of brainstorming, workshopping, and plenty of tomfoolery...
The Bro Journal was born.

Elevate Bro Journal


At The Bro Journal, we take your well-being into account. You'll be able to discover your best self by exploring different aspects of your life and defining your road to success.

Only you pave your own path.

Only you write your own story.

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Daniel Castellano

Co-Founder, CEO

Daniel is a well-traveled mechanical engineer who began his mindfulness journey over a decade ago in the Far East whilst living and studying in Malaysia.

He recently became an award-winning author for his book, "It's All You, Man! - How to Be a Happier Man Through Self-Care and Mindfulness".

Daniel's mission is to raise awareness and remove the stigma that surrounds men's mental health by opening up and sharing the powerful world of mindfulness to men everywhere.

Founder Daniel Castellano

Jay Spring

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Jay is a writer, outdoor enthusiast, and all-around bundle of joy. He weaves mindfulness into the trials and tribulations of modern life. An engineer by trade and bad-ass at heart, he enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and the occasional romantic comedy.

Jay's mission in life is to become his best self through mindfulness and empathy. He hopes that you strive for the similar goals.

Founder Jay Spring

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